How would you differentiate in between web design and Ux design

Suppose you have asked for what is your profession, working as a designer you might answer yourself to be a web designer even if you are aware of the exact terminology i.e user experience designer.

But, simply to make the other person easily understand you didn’t elaborate much.

Very less people are aware of the fact that User experience designer and web designer are two different terms with a very uncommon roles and responsibilities.

Let’s explore the various UX design trends that are into the market and compare it with the current web design.

User experience design target only on user’s satisfaction with the product. This can be achieved by working on how easily the user can access your website, how much good functions does it has.

UX Design is a technique that is actively used on many websites. In fact some of use it even without realizing that fact that they are doing so. It has the amazing ability to bring out the best in a website designer and thus also helps boost their confidence and creative skills.

There are several reasons why UX Design may seem the better and be may feasible technique.The basic aim of a framework or open source software is to help you pay more attention to the client details and thus making sure the website is completed without any hitch.

As a result there is increase in open source software’s. Hence, More number websites being made online are using open source software like WordPress and Zen Cart and Magento for their websites.

So, think before you approach a website development company for your website.

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