HTML5 Gaming Technology: Latest Tech To Support Mobile App Development


The world of gaming was limited to the world of consoles before mobile phones emerged in the scenario. The explosion of mobile devices has equipped millions of the users worldwide with fantastic handy devices enriched with very high resolution graphics. No wonder, the gaming industry has also seen a congruent change as far as supporting technology is concerned. Mobile gaming industry is experiencing a turning point with the popularity of HTML5 over Flash and Java, the close competitors. The maturity of HTML5 as the most appropriate language used for mobile games shows clearly that there will a great evolution in the gaming industry. It will not just remain a mode of entertainment, but there will be immense increase in the business potential. Innovative and surprising changes are waiting for their turn.

Low cost cheap mobile devices with touch features brought the biggest boom in the mobile gaming industry. The sales are increasing in enormous percentage and even people are buying them just for gaming needs. It is a fact that maximum people play the free online games and therefore there will be a continued importance of advertizing in the future as well. With the evolvement of HTML5 advertisements there will be significant changes happen in the mobile gaming industry. It is certainly a viable option for the developers with the technical advancement and increase in hardware capabilities. Immense speed in spite of great cross-compatibility is one of the best points that make it a preferred choice for gaming experts.

The game changers

We can certainly expect a major change in the way gaming industry behaving right now. The biggest game changers contributing in the process are:

The popularity of branded mobile games: There has been a great inclination towards branded games in the recent times. It is surely healthy sign because more usage of branded games indicates increase in the advertisements and stickiness towards the games. Loyal players build a strong customer base and there are further chances of business avenues. 3D capabilities of HTML5 store tremendous potential for gaming and advertising.

HTML5, the strong alternative to Flash: Flash is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and versatile platform for mobile game development, at the same time HTML5 is placing itself very firmly as a great alternative. There are some very prominent advantages that make it a favored choice for mobile game development. It is extremely flexible in terms of the compatibility across platforms. This is perhaps the biggest strength that makes it a viable option for the developers. The biggest limitation of Flash is that the player needs to be downloaded to play the games. It is not possible with the limited bandwidth of the mobile handsets. HTML5 based games can be played anytime once it is downloaded on the phone. This is becoming the greatest winning point for HTML5 over Flash, the oldie in the field of gaming technology.

The incredible ability to integrate: Being free and open source software, HTML5 becomes an ideal platform for developers. There is no cost involved in it except the development cost. At the same time, it has tremendous ability to integrate across the platforms. It is integrated very easily with not even with the traditional platforms, but with the latest entrants like cloud compilers. There is no doubt that HTML5 is going to flourish in the coming years and emerge as the one point solution for game development needs. The ability to develop workarounds and API over the base platform gives it great usability. It supports Apple and Android devices seamlessly and it is one of the strongest USP of HTML5.

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