Almost all of you out there use smart phones. Not just because it is the latest trend but also it helps you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. For example, the usage of internet directly on your phones rather than opening your laptop or going to a cyber cafe for various purposes such as online shopping or ticket booking or even downloading apps such as WhatsApp or games. Smart phones help you in all the ways possible. As a result there is a high demand for user-friendly mobile applications to help you in need. Amongst these, Windows 8 mobile application is well liked by everyone as it has plenty of advantages to offer:-

  1. Lock Screen Feature:Since nowadays there are a lot of debates on safety issues on various platforms, it has become essential for you to keep your phone locked for anyone can exploit it. This is one appealing and intelligent feature presented by Windows. Where as developers are concerned, there are some who are struggling for an increase in repeated usage, these developers can easily recall what they have installed with the help of this lock screen.
  2. Live App (tag):- Developers enjoy with this type of app as there isn’t any long processes for approval. This app is more than just a tag since Windows phone applications are being treated as “Live apps”. Live apps are more interspersed with social services, online mobile hubs and digital wallets. However, Windows mobile application developers have enhanced the connectivity of these apps in places that are popular amongst you people using these applications.
  3. Scope for elevation: – Windows is working really hard to reach the notch in the world of Mobile application development. Out of the latest statistics which says 1,20,000 apps offered by Microsoft, 45 amongst the top applications are being used by Windows phone app development. As a result there is a very high possibility that there will be a lot of you using Windows phone will be able to access and utilize these apps since it will be considered as a featured app. However, every mobile application development is growing and will continue to grow. Same is the case with Windows phone applications.
  4. Emulators Work at a High Speed:-App development involves frequent use of emulators. As compared to the emulators used in developing other apps, the ones used in Windows phone app development have a considerably higher speed.
  5. User Interface:-User interface is so important these days. It is the means by which the user and a computer system interact. It is also one of the most important parts of mobile app development. Windows Mobile application development is one such application that offers excellent tool such as drag-and -drop. With this kind of tool, it is quite simple to create a user interface during Windows phone app development.

Whether a developer or a user, you now know the insights and the benefits offered by Windows Mobile application development.

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