Link Building Tactics That Kill Your SEO Strategy

Link building is one of the most effective strategies to use when it comes to SEO or Internet marketing. However, there are certain things people do but may end up acting against them or failing to achieve the most desirable results. Understanding more regarding the tactics which may kill your SEO strategy is the key to having a more effective campaign. Below are a couple of things you should avoid in order to realize impressive results with regard to SEO.

Link Farming

This normally sounds like a good idea since all you have to do is allow someone else to post links on your page and you also post your links on their page. The problem with this tactic is that both of you will end up with pages full of links and this is something that search engines do not tolerate. Search engines pick up carefully placed links rather than those stuffed together and which may lead to content that is not even relevant.

Link Buying

As a business person or someone seeking to create awareness for products or services. it is understandable that you would seek ways to achieve your goal faster. Most people are tempted into buying links or social media likes and such like things. It is important for you to know that these links do not necessarily lead to relevant content rather they may end up in a page that is completely unhelpful to your audience.

Forum Linking

Forums are very good for building relationships and helping your audience out, however, when it comes to posting links into the forum questions or answers, the results may not be so impressive. Several researches and studies have revealed that very few forum links get picked up by search engines and this basically means you are working too hard and maybe paying too much for something that does not make any significant difference.

Link Spamming

There are a couple of techniques that allow you to post links automatically in given website pages. This tactic may work but is largely dangerous because you risk ending up being banned. The more your links are reported as spam the more you risk getting banned from search engines altogether. It is therefore better for you to avoid spamming web pages just to create awareness for your services or products.

Wrong Directories

It is a very good idea for you to build links into relevant Internet directories, however, you should not be tempted to do it in just about any directory you find. Some directories are not recognized by important search engines like Google and Bing. This means you could spend a lot of time and money building links into such directories but will never get the visibility you desire. Choose your directories carefully after some kind of research.

These are generally some of the most important things to keep in mind if you wish to achieve exceptional success in Internet marketing or SEO strategy.

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