Main Things To Know About SEO

There are two groups of facts to consider before you move forward at your SEO strategy or correct something at your site. The first group is the understanding of what factor slowdowns your site in particular, and the second one is the understanding of how to solve the problems appeared. Drawing up your site optimization’s methods, you need to remember that these facts will help you understand what options are viable and which are not. Optimizing your site without being fully aware of all these facts leads to rating and traffic decrease.

Let’s take a look at the consequences of each action.

Being SEO specialists, we must be fully aware that any changes to a site may have a negative impact on it. Certainly, most of the site optimization strategies run properly. Some changes to optimize your site will have a positive long-term impact, but a strictly negative and short-term effect.

Before making any changes to the site, you should consider both long-term and short-term consequences. Any short-term negatives must be considered against the overall long-term benefit. In many cases, the use of website optimization is not worth the losses that will occur later. One more secret to optimize your site is to change its URL structure in order to get keywords in it. Growth will be minimal, but temporary ranking loss can be significant.

Make sure that your expectations are not higher than your capabilities and resources.

One of the most difficult skills in SEO optimization is the ability to wait. SEO has never been a magic solution, and very often what we consider being an easy job appears difficult in fact . It’s like skining an onian, there is always a new layer. You solve one problem, and several new problems immediately appear.

Sometimes you promise a little, but the client expects a lot. So, it’s very important to let him know and understand the service he has paid for and he’ll receive as a result. It is necessary to explain that sometimes you have to pay more if you wanna get more. The secret to optimize a site of your impatient client is a contextual advertising usage.

Time is your most valuable and limited resource.

As they say, time is money. Every successful small business owner knows the secrets of his job. How much he will get, how many employees he can hire… Talking about the secrets of SEO, business owner must decide how much of his time can be spent on this, or maybe it would be better to spend it on something more productive. So, this is how a business works.

SEO optimization is not difficult, but it requires knowledge. Most of this knowledge can be got for free, but it doesn’t mean that your time costs nothing: it takes time to learn, implement, and effectively ensure each strategy. The SEO secret here is that it’s better to hire professionals who can do some job for you than trying to do everything alone.

A client pays for the result.

One secret all businessmen who hire SEO specialists to do a job for them should understand: only charlatans will promise you immediate results. It takes 3-6 months at least to develop a ite, and this is a very minimum.

One more secret to remember: even matured SEO specialists can give you just 50-70% of guarantee concerning how this or that strategy will work for a particular website. Unfortunately, search algorithms change frequently here.

With every good decision, the next ones will be easier to take, and the speed of successful SEO campaign realization will increase. As well as all aspects of our life, the right SEO decisions lead to a guaranteed victory in the Internet.

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