Make your Online Messages More Interesting with Emoticons

Instant messaging has never been more interesting and a lot more exciting with the introduction of emoticons, which are usually available free of charge. Emoticons create a blue print of emotions that is difficult to express when you are dealing in the virtual world. Whatever it is that you are feeling – sad, angry, happy, jolly, disappointed, frightened – you can well express it plain and simple, in black and white.

What are Emoticons?

Emoticons are those smiley faces, sad faces, and whatever faces that are used as graphical representations of emotions, usually inserted in online messages. At present, almost every social media service allows instant messaging. If not, you could use them to send email messages, which are definitely more accessible than other forms of messaging or communication like snail mails and sometimes even SMS.

Emoticons are also described as graphical representations of facial expressions. They are used to express not just one’s feelings but also one’s moods. They are created using a combination of keys and numbers. Sometimes, like those available through Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, and other instant messaging applications, emoticons are readily available as graphics. All that you need to do is to click on the exact graphics to describe your current mood or feeling and send it either with your own message or even with none. Emoticons are way too expressive that it sometimes does not even require you to add anything and be able to express yourself alright.

How to Use Emoticons?

There are applications that are ready with a steady supply of emoticons. There are also free emoticons sites that will allow you to use such expressive graphics onto your messages.

Mostly, websites such as Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo Messenger already have a set ready for you to click away. However, most of them are limited to the very basic emoticons. If you want more elaborate expressions, you have to resort to the websites that offer a great deal of different emoticons that are offered free of charge.

Free emoticons websites offer a whole page or even more of emoticons that you barely know existed, which you can use to surprise your friends, family, and instant messaging buddies with. To use them, all that you need to do is basically to type in the shortcut key combinations in your keyboard. When you hit enter, instead of seeing the key combinations you typed in, you will see an emoticon as lively as it can be.

What Emoticons Can Do?

With their very expressive manor, emoticons can well enhance your conversations in the virtual arena. They can help you express your feelings and moods best and let the person on the other end of the line get hint of it. They profess strong emotions that will make your virtual connections slowly coming to life. With emoticons around, you can make your conversations, and even your virtual relationships as a whole, a lot more interesting and exciting.

With technology getting even more advanced, there are also great new ways on how you can enjoy the benefits of using emoticons at their full potential. For example, you can make your Facebook chat window bigger so you can make it even more comfortable to view.

No matter which way you look at it, emoticons are a great way to enhance your experience of connecting in the virtual world.

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By Caroline – There are free emoticons sites that will help you express yourself better through your chat messages so your virtual relationships become closer to life.

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