Measuring the value of promotional products

Attention, attention, read all about it! Promotional marketing is going to new heights with advertising products. It’s no longer the 1900s when newspaper boys shouted headlines from the street corners. Marketing strategies have changed since then byincorporating other advertising platforms. Stop the presses and reevaluate the marketing strategy for your business to get the most out of your advertising budget. Not everyone has the means to pay $100 million for a celebrity endorsement or $3.8 million for a commercial to air during the Super Bowl. Promotional merchandise provides customers a daily reminder of the business or company that they received the product from. For now though, Extra, Extra! Read all about it! The following infographic shows what companies pay to market their business through the various advertising platforms!

Small to medium size business owners, bloggers, and infographic lovers alike should tweet, blog, and share this graphic with family, friends, and co-workers. Everyone will be thankful that you posted this after it saves them money in their advertising budget after they invest in custom promotional products for their company. Grab some promotional pens from the office, enjoy reading the staggering statistics, and learn about marketing strategies that will work for your business in the 21st century.

Any size businesses can benefit from promotional ideas like personalized mugs, pens, journals, Frisbees, and other business gifts. The inexpensive cost for these products won’t wrack up the advertising budget like a newspaper, TV, or radio ad would. So sit back and enjoy the educational infographic that will lead the way to your next big marketing strategy.


value of your eco friendly promotional products

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