There millions of users out there who are using Android. And as an Android Mobile Application Developer it is your responsibility to make a unique piece for those consuming your products. However, there are many android developers that make mistakes while building an app.

If you are a successful Company like Optimatrix and would like to avoid such mistakes, then gaining some knowledge about the same wouldn’t cause any harm. They are as follows:-

  1. Indecisive with Android Guidelines: In today’s technology, Google has worked on various guidelines for the Android operating system that the developers can take a note of. But there are many developers who aren’t following such guidelines, therefore hindering with their developed application integration in the OS.
  2. Disapproving Multiple Device Resolutions: There are many tools placed by Android SDK to use. Instead of pixels (px), you can use density-independent pixels (dp). Moreover, you can also use resources qualifiers and 9-patch drawables.
  3. Not mounting for minSdkVersion to 14: You must definitely avoid the practice of making android app supportable to older device. This thing makes application more difficult to maintain code and limits the development process.
  4. Deep View Hierarchy: Ditch using deep view hierarchy when creating layouts in XML.
  5. Unaccepting Bitmaps: When you try to show very large bitmaps, then you may experience bad with an Out Of Memory Error that kills an application. So as, Android Mobile Application Development companies you need to consider this when manipulating images.
  6. Impeding Main Thread: The main thread is to make the user interface responsive. If that isn’t effective, it may lead to frustration from the users end and hence resulting into a negative feedback.
  7. Neglecting Intents: Intents help to save time and can be related to everything on the system with ease. So try not neglecting them.
  8. Not using Fragments: Use fragments as they enable to optimize different screens and can easily manage by the parent activity.
  9. Developing for iOS: Most of you developers avoid designing application as per android standards, and considering iOS instead. A big no-no to that.

If you want to develop application for android without making mistake then contact Optimatrix, a leading android application development company in India.

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