Mobile Gaming and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Mobile Gaming has taken over the digital space as games are being developed every hour in some part of the country. The internet has turned the world into a global village allowing all these games to be available to people all over the world. One of the biggest contributors to increasing Mobile Gaming Trends is Social Media. Developers have been creating innovative games for decades, but the sudden outburst of social media has given it a push by letting them distribute it for free.

Now games are being made specifically for social media, which is a win-win situation for both developers and consumers. Popular games like Pirate Kings, Pool Ball and Candy Crush have taken over peoples mobile phones. Currently, 17.1 million people own a full functional smart phone with compatible social media games.

One of the biggest advantages of Mobile Gaming Trends is to advertisers. A brand new medium of advertising has been created thanks to social media. People today prefer doing things on the go, which means an average person spends around 5 hours in a day on his mobile phone. Brands instantly ceased this opportunity and started featuring advertisements on mobile games available on social media.

Re-targeting is another perk of this on-going Mobile Gaming trend. Technology has reached a stage where all Social media applications are linked with one another. These applications have pre-installed cookies which help track every move of anyone who is using the app. This informs the developer of likes, dislikes, interests, of the users. You must have noticed every time you search something on Facebook or Twitter, it start suggesting apps, pages, or groups linked to that search.

Gone are the days where people witched on laptops to play a game. Everything now has gone mobile.The world of Virtual Reality Gaming has been opened to anyone who owns a smart phone. These phones are crystal clear sound clarity, high definition large screens, advanced operating systems, which enhance gaming experience on the phone.

Social media has been constantly pushing mobile gaming trends. It has pushed technology to unbelievable limits and is expected to do much more.

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