Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses – Tips & Strategies

The population that uses mobile devices has increased largely in number over the past few years. The advent of smatphones and tablets has further widened the choice for millions of customers. It is high time for small businesses to make the most out of mobile marketing. It should now be a vital part of any business plan. Take a look at some of the mobile marketing tips and strategies that help you in the long run.

Customize the Website

As a business you must be having a website that is already customized to fit the requirements of a smartphone or tablet. The truth is that, there are a zillion other things that you need to consider like easy readability of contents, navigation and more. Make sure that the web pages get loaded within a jiffy avoiding lengthy delays. Provide detailed information about the products so that visitors are motivated to purchase online or visit your physical store.

Text Messaging

Though text messaging is the traditional method, it is a great way to reach out to millions of mobile phone users. The added advantage of text messaging is that, you can send the texts to any platform unlike the apps, which are limited to either Android, Apple or iOS devices. Special news and offers related to your product can be conveyed at the earliest.

Eight Minute Rule

Practical evidences reveal that most people find it too hard to concentrate on a topic no longer than 8 minutes. So, design your mobile content to fit the time frame. The four vital things you need to remember while mobile messaging are:

    – Compelling language to invite the customers
    – Providing valuable and detailed information related to your product
    – Perfectly fits all screen sizes
    – Overcoming mobile barriers like display limitations and spam filters

    The message has to be robust with mobile-friendly contents right from graphics, text to headlines.

    Social Media v/s Mobile Marketing

    Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites play a major role in small and big businesses. These sites are widely used in mobile gadgets thus giving you a good chance to hold contests and polls. You can provide customers with unlimited choices like posting events, updates, special offers and also encourage them to interact via comments, photos and reviews.

    Complete Product Information

    Customers use the smart and trendy phone in their hand to compare deals and products online. Hence, it is vital to provide complete information of a product like model numbers, product numbers, reviews, descriptions and more. Reports reveal that most customers check the website online while physically present in the store. Make sure to provide all the details in clear language.

    Build Friendship

    Build friendship with the mobile subscribers by

    • Sending messages with personal greetings
    • Conduct email campaigns pertaining to the needs of customers. You can also become innovative by providing additional fields so that prospects can share their problems and interests
    • Provide friendly contents for multiple devices

    Keep in mind that mobile content has to deal with relevant details delivered exactly on time.


    Mobile gadgets offer thousands of opportunities so that you can market your product or brand at a more intimate manner. If you have still not started with mobile marketing for your business, it is high time you realize the importance it plays in your business. The most important tip for first time mobile marketers is to deliver a message that is user and device compatible. Within a short span of time, you can realize the healthy growth in your business. Also make sure that your business site appears in the local search result of Google and Bing, which in turn reflects on Angie’s list, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more.

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