Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015

As the competition is getting higher and higher day by day, a lot of companies are giving their best to survive in the market. They are pushing themselves to be the best amongst the best. Here are top marketing trends that you can use in order to beat your competitors in

  • Use Behavioraldata to target ads: Marketingvaries from company to company as well as products to products. But using behavioral data of the target audience can definitely improve your business to higher extend. At the same time, behavioral data will make it easier for you to target ads and increase conversions. The behavioralanalysis can be done on the basis of shopping habits, website’s preference, etc.
  • Hijacking Popular Applications: Mobile application development is the in thing nowadays. There isn’t going to be any decline but only inclinatmobileion when it comes to mobiles and the number of users. Taking advantage of this situation, you should advertise on other popular mobile applications inorder to promote your products. This way, the applications that are in demand and with you hijacking the same, tons of people will be aware of your products.
  • Video Ads Are on top Priority: Video ads are more engaging, therefore increasing more awareness and business by the same.
  • Tracking ROI is getting real: Earlier there was a time when, theapplication ecosystem wouldn’t get connected well and thus, becoming difficult to track ads once user installedthe application. But in 2015, tables have turned and it has become easy to collect data from such type of applications with ease and even making it possible to track advertisement.
  • Choose Channel that Suits Your Business: Making a random decision can affect your business, hence it is necessary to choose the best ad channel for mobile marketing.
  • mCommerce becomes new eCommerce: Mobile commerce is making its strong place in the eCommerce market. Most of the people are spending an average 177 minutes per day by staring at mobile device and thus making the best means to market business through mobile.

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