Monetizing Ads on Mobile Apps

The telecommunication sector has only grown from strength to strength in the last few decades. Technology is moving at a much faster rate than ever before. This is the era of social media and communication. Everyone is connected to the internet 24/7.

The preferred mode of access is the smart phone. Smart phones can be considered as the device (along with the computer), that the majority of the world relies on. They are capable of some awesome functions. These functions are aided by applications or apps.

For all practical purposes, apps are nothing but programs designed to fulfill specific functions and tasks. However in reality they are much more than that. They each have their own identity as well are marketing capabilities.

Nowadays most companies have their own apps. These are developed by third party companies who specialize in this area and lend their expertise (for a suitable fee). This sector is known as the mobile app development sector.

In India especially the market for mobile app development is booming. Since the population is so large and diverse, having an app makes it easier for all the stakeholders involved.

Along with technology and communications, the world of advertising is also on an upswing. The ad business has never been as profitable as it is now. Google is one of the leading platforms for online advertising. It has come up with glorious solutions that benefit everyone involved or affected by them.

Custom ads are part of an initiative by Google to help consumers and businesses connect with each other in a way that is more efficient. It lets a business or individual monetize on the ads displayed on pages that belong to them. Even on online havens like YouTube.

With this surge of efficiency, people received just the boost they needed to release their creativity and they started seeking online traffic on their domain or sites in all sorts of ways. However this was not necessarily aimed at them. It was started so that businesses could get paid fair and square, based on a model that is fair. This move has given rise to a wave of self promotion wherein people are monetizing on things whose center of attraction is a slice of their own self and life.

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