Online Coupons: Best Marketing Strategy for Business

Online coupons are one way for most businesses to promote discounts and special offers of any type of product that the business is selling, for the benefit of interested consumers. It’s more convenient than the traditional paper-based coupons because you don’t need to flip through different pages of newspapers or magazines and do the hassle of cutting along the dots only to get that particular promotion that you want.

Because of these advantages, most consumers now turn to online coupons in order to take advantage of the potential savings on their shopping spree, while more and more business owners are starting to turn to online coupons in order to distribute their promos.

Kinds of Online Coupons & Their Distribution Method

There are several types of online coupons around, each with a different distribution method.

Codes – These are then further divided into two sub-types; “Coupon Codes”, and “Referral Codes”. They both function the same: They are a series of letter and number combinations that, upon showing to the dealer, the customer is entitled to a promotion the business offers, like discounts, “buy-one-take-one” offers, additional freebies, and the like. Their only different is the method of distribution: the company itself as a promotion distributes Normal coupon codes, while a third-party dealer the company employs provides referral coupons (a blogger or an external website, for instance).

Click-Through Deals – These are links that are posted off a third-party referral, usually a blog or an external site, that, when clicked, brings the user to a special page wherein the customer can purchase the product for a discounted price.

Printable Coupons – They function the same way as normal coupons, in which you have to print in out and show it to the dealer to take advantage of the product promo. These types of coupons are more commonly used in online retail sites, which offer special deals to the companies that sponsor them.

Most business companies nowadays uses most of these methods of coupon distribution, and even some use several kinds of them to see which yields the best results.


Online coupons are not only beneficial to the consumers who find them; they are also advantageous for the business that uses them. In particular, they are a powerful marketing strategy for a business to get their products and services known to the potential consumers, which will potentially get a lot of regular customers.

The distribution of online coupons to third-party referrers is also opportunities for an online site or a blog to generate revenue from their content. However, this also means more demand for web designers to generate content that is highly visible to the end-user, so that the company that employs them can take advantage of their high internet visibility to drive online traffic unto them. This makes marketing strategies like search engine optimizations (SEO and the like highly viable to the content providers.

With such numerous advantages that online coupon distribution provides, this makes the marketing tactic very indispensable for business owners and the like.

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