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The very first rule of generating sales is that you should have to be where your customers are. But this rule has become history into the digital age. Businesses have started to take help of various online marketing and advertising and capturing customers globally. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, this has become a must. Let us today have a look at different online marketing ideas and strategies.

LinkedIn’s B2B Ads

LinkedIn offers marketers B2B ads which can directly target to employees of more than 30,000 companies. This feature resembles to the offers of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but is very promising. If you are looking to target a large amount of audience, this can be the best way.

Facebook’s ‘Your Business Story’ Video Tool

Facebook, reaching 3 million official advertisers on their online marketing platform, has announced a new video advertising tool ‘Your Business Story’, which is quite impressive and effective. In this feature they allow their advertisers to use their Facebook Page’s photos and content and make a video out of it.

Facebook’s Instant Articles

Facebook has one more online marketing feature, Instant Articles. By that many publishers can instantly publish their articles which can reach thousands of Facebook users. This is how publisher can also attract users to come to their own website and generate business.

Google’s Image Search

If you do not know about how to use Google’s image search as an online marketing tool, know it before your competitors start using it. You can make your images searchable in a more friendly way which enables users to narrow down their searches in a unique way, i.e. selecting a particular background color while searching. It is a unique way for marketers to optimize their alt tags, contents and colors of image.


Delivering the right message to right audience is very important to get the good customer base. Even with all the targeting advantages available, you need to learn to use them well. If you can use all these online advertising platform in a better way than competitors, you will be the ultimate winner.

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