Opti matrix application comes up with high user response

The real strength of Opti Matrix is their qualified employees. Our team mates come with the great idea of developing an application called “Gujarat Election”. The base of an application was Election, which was running in the blood of Gujarat’s people like a Cricket world cup. Starting of the day when we kept our application in market the response was bit low as we expected but by the time when the final time came of election result, we got a high jump in downloading our application.

As we can see in below image you can see the graph of total user’s installation

Normally on an average per day it was downloaded max up to 200 users. But on 19th Dec 2012 we got a high jump by the total downloaded users with 5900.

We will design an unmatched quality of application for you which will increase user on your product. As this was just an example of eye-catchy application. For more creativity join us.

Information: we have uploaded this app in market on 10 Nov, we haven’t done any advertisement. and got this much download in short period of time.

Now as you know election is over now so for Future expansion of this app will be

-> Advertisement on the application

-> Different news and activities of gujarat vidhansabha

-> All details and contact information of all winner candidate will be available in application

-> We will also announce the new cabinet members in this application.

Choose us choose best. We overcome with all new innovative and strategic idea which people look forward for their daily need and use.

First Ever Gujarat Election Mobile Application is now available on for Apple Device and Android Market !!

For more detail regarding “Gujarat Election”application following link

For iPhone please follow this link http://goo.gl/Ol7BX
for Android please follow this link http://goo.gl/jhlLw

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