Reasons why your valuable app traffic needs cohort analysis

Have you beenheard about the latest Google analytics update? Do you know that the analytics has changed its name from unique visitors to users.

As you know that users has become so important nowadays. But it has got a reason behind it. It is as such thatcurrently a lot space has been occupied by the apps so they had made it permanent.

It is now easier to access through app, you get to know about the products in more organized way, and eventually people are more connected with their mobile as compared to their desktop.

Similarly,when you visit a website through the mobile app, then that ecommerce website knows a lot more about you than visiting from the web.

Hence, clearly you can conclude that the traffic for mobile are different from the traffic for desktop. Yes the key reason is in mobile apps permanent log in required.

Traffic from apps has clear and distinguished users. So, the spotlight is on tracking individual app users over days and weeks.

Now, how can you catch any anonymous user? We will help you out on this. Any such users are can be identified by their ip address as that is unique in few minutes of time.

The time has now come to let you introduce about the cohort analysis, you must be thinking how is this related to what I was reading?

Many of you dealing with app analytics might already be aware of cohort analysis. It can be defined asa group of people who share a common characteristic over a certain period of time.

There are charts for doing such analysis according to span of weeks. This way you can easily predict how long users from a particular cohort remain and use your app.

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