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If you are looking for responsive websites, then next which arise in mind will page content, images, photos and text resize on all devices, various resolutions and many more. How would you feel if all these things achieved without distorted or unclear? There is a clear view of industry experts – that we need to look forward and into the world of ‘retina ready website’, simple!

Let’s discuss about the Retina ready website!

Many of the times you have faced the blurred images and fonts; it’s so unclear sometimes even you can count the pixels during browsing other websites as well? We are sure you have faced it; it is very unpleasant and unnecessary, isn’t it? Keeping all texts and images as clear and as perfect as it is in real – how would that will? For all those who love detail and perfection, just like us, retina ready has been introduced.

This following technology will soon used and adapted by all web designers in coming future. Retina ready is a product which is introduced by Apple; it is released in the middle of 2012 into their 15inch Mac Book Pro. Many people felt that it is another ’Mac Gimic’ and it won’t run on Non Mac devices. But in fact the use is increased in 2013 all you PC fans will have access to this state of the art technology.

So what does the retina do exactly? Without making any complicating or too detailed, it helps greatly with clarity of both images and fonts, both of which are suitable for your screen resolution. Still it’s not clear what that all means? Let’s have a look…!

Open the below given, scroll down to the images and compare for yourself

Do you think you need glasses when you are looking at the images on the left side for a clearer picture? Count how many squares and dots you can find?

Do you like the image which you have seen on the right, is it appears much clearer? According to me it is much better and clear.

Now that’s the actual responsive design allow us to resize windows with no limits which retina ready starts to make sense according – double tap on the picture, make it smaller or lager as you want still you will have the same image quality; shrink the window and fonts will remain as clear!

Stay updated with most clear technology updates.

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