Selecting the right Content Management System

Whether you’re a blogger, a web designer or a journalist, finding the best content management system is often the key to productivity. More and more businesses are moving to the internet, and a strong online presence can make or break a company. To stay up to date and make things as easy as possible, it is important to find a content management that suits your business and fits in with your lifestyle.

A content management system (or CMS) is a computer programme which provides you with a central interface from which you can work. Using this interface you can create, modify and edit content easily. It is especially useful for users who aren’t necessarily familiar with HTML as website content can be created and modified without having to have somebody code it for you. Websites which offer advertising often use a CMS for one-to-one marketing, in which each visitor’s search terms are monitored to generate an advertisement that correlates with what they have recently searched for.

For Bloggers

A popular CMS with bloggers is WordPress, which is regularly enhanced due to its large following. The template library is vast, often offering stylish yet free blog and website layouts which are immediately ready for use. Knowledge of HTML is not necessary as WordPress generally helps users out along the way, offering a ‘switch to HTML’ setting. For those who do know how to code their own website, a PHP and CSS editing form is easily accessible from the admin screen.

For Businesses

Though not technically a CMS, Sharepoint content management is a useful tool that is utilised by many professional web designers or website owners. The application platform and SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature is the perfect base for what is essentially a self-made CMS, giving you the ability to build your website from scratch and combine publishing tools with web part zones to organise your website in a similar way to that of a traditional CMS. Though it can require more CSS knowledge, it is often a more convenient option for a company who is already utilising Sharepoint’s intranet services.

For Coders

DotNetNuke is a unique CMS in that it is not written in the traditional PHP; it utilises Microsoft’s ASP, making this CMS perfect for any and all Windows users. Using a simple interface in an “app” style layout, DotNetNuke is easy to manage and customise to the user’s desire, while content management and publishing remains a quick and painless process. There is a strong emphasis on community and networking, which is perfect for bloggers and journalists who are working on building up a solid readership, and web design is easily updated to ensure a modern and unique image for companies at all times.

Managing your website’s content doesn’t need to be intimidating or difficult once you find the CMS that works best for you. It may take some trial and error, but ultimately there is a programme that will resonate with every blogger, CEO and independent business owner who needs help with their website.

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