Six Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Websites have a number of niches they carry merchandise for. Some sell merchandise online while others direct traffic to other sites where a customer can make purchases. No matter what, there are activities that happen on a website, and those activities can lead to sales. “Conversion rate” is a term that refers to the number of online visitors who, upon landing on a given site, go ahead to make a purchase. Attracting traffic is one thing, but convincing a visitor to buy merchandise from your site is totally another. The goal and aim of every e-commerce website should be the attraction and conversion of online traffic into sales. It all revolves around enhancing the bottom line.

There are techniques that a web development company owner or an online marketer can use to increase the conversion rate of his or her website.

Make Your Website User Friendly

One of the surest ways of making clients buy from your site is by making the web interface user friendly. Complicated websites are a turn off to potential buyers. To improve the aspect of user friendliness, check on factors affecting accessibility and browser compatibility. Even though it is a legal obligation to make a site accessible, there’s no rule about making a website difficult to navigate. Make your website easy to navigate and understand. In the designing of the website, it is important to factor in other browsers which users may employ to search the internet. These can increase site user friendliness. This can easily boost online sales.

Cultivate Transparency and Integrity

In the event the product you are selling is not currently available, be honest about that fact. It is so frustrating to make a customer read about a product on your site, make a purchase decision, and add it to a cart only to be realizing that the product is out of stock. Remember, dissatisfied customers go and tell others of their predicaments. Before long, the viral effect will have taken its toll and significantly affected your online sales. It does no harm to tell a client the truth about the availability of a product. When it comes to delivery, be clear and concise on the regions you can deliver without additional shipping costs and those that the customer will have to pay for transport.

Do Not Pester the Customer to Divulge Information

There are sites that constantly prompt customers to enter their details before the website lets them proceed and do a transaction via the site. While some of this information may be deemed somewhat public, it is absolutely unnecessary for you to continually ask the customers to give their email addresses, their phone numbers or even their physical address. In as much as the customer understands that you need to capture some details, let it be an option but not a must for them. This will not only endear you to your customers but also will result in repeat purchases.

Make the User Have Confidence in You

Online purchases can be treacherous. Many people have been conned out of their money and others have been sent the wrong items on purpose. This clearly shows that the how much people trust online transactions. Do not ask for customers credit card details as this will provoke fear and feelings of distrust from them. If you must, make sure you’ve been verified by a credible company and the customer can see that you’re a legit business. Ensure you have an elaborate privacy policy and well-explained shipping arrangements. Give the client your phone number and ensure someone picks the call from your end. These are some of the ways you can easily win the trust of the clients. This will go a long way into boosting your e-commerce activity.

Have a Variety of Payment Options

Due to clients’ tastes, preference, and legal restrictions, some forms of payments are more acceptable to some clients while to others they are not. There are a variety of payment avenues in the world today, including Master card, PayPal, Visa, Google Wallet and many others. If you really want to boost your online business and e-commerce activity, then give the customer a choice. After all, he is the boss.

Communicate Effectively with Your Clients

It is natural to be anxious after you purchase a product and are awaiting the shipment to arrive. In the period between the arrival date and the purchase date, it is critical that you engage the customer. Make him feel that he is appreciated and that his merchandise will get to him in due time. Some of these gestures may appear simple, but they have lifted humble businesses to industry giants. Tell the customers their expected merchandise arrival dates and the composition of their shipments. Even though they know, they would like to hear it from you so they know everything is on track.

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This article describes some valuable ways to increase the conversation ways of a website. Writer Leo Preston tries to elaborate the terms which makes a site more successful in terms of business. She wants to thanks iPage Training Center for giving her some basic idea about the article.

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