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Really crappy blog posts are endemic within the blogging community. It is the reason why so many blogs are ignored by the general public. People are so bad at writing that they make it difficult for new people to become interested in reading blogs. The worst thing is that most people do not know how bad they are, but there is one factor that we may all use to save our blogs from oblivion. That factor is “fresh blog content.”

The festering content that makes up blogs
Fresh content is a term that is overused within the writing community, just like the term “high quality content.” Fresh content does not mean simply uploading a new post, it means uploading a post that has very little in common with any other blog post on the planet. It means writing about issues that are rarely covered, or writing about issues from a completely new angle.

An example of writing from a new angle
Search engine optimization (SEO) is written about all the time on both websites and blogs. There are books about it and webinars about it. And, even though most of the information you read online about SEO is inaccurate, it does not stop people writing about it, or explaining the “rules” (using the term loosely) of SEO. Yet, the subject is a finite one. It is the same as explaining the multiples of the number 3 up to the number 300. It is a finite subject, so a lot of what you read about SEO is re-written repeats of the things online.

So how do you create fresh content where the SEO example is concerned?
Simple, you take the subject from a new angle. Set up a website, and write a blog about the experiments you run on it where you purposefully try to manipulate the search engines. For example, spun content is supposed to be very bad for your SEO, but you could upload ten spun articles to your website and write a blog about how they still reached the first page of Google.

Your personal experiences are always fresh
Don’t forget that blogs were first conceived so that people could post a public diary on the Internet. They were supposed to be a way for people to chronicle their lives or to curate their ideas and opinions. Quite why blogs have now turned into ugly article sites is beyond reckoning, but search engines are mostly to blame.

However, fresh content (in the true sense of the word) is very easy to produce if you write from your own experience. We all come up with great ideas and opinions throughout the day, and yet nobody ever hears about them. How many times have you been sat on a bus or train and have come up with a great idea that you subsequently forgot by lunch time? These are the things that make up great and fresh blog posts.

You could even curate the funny things that you hear other people say and do during the day. Stand up comedians do it all the time. They hear funny stories in real life and then warp them to turn them into material. There are many comedians that tell stories about people they met in their life, and they achieve great success because of it. You can do the same with your blog, all whilst safe in the knowledge that your content is truly the freshest on the Internet.

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