The best frameworks in the world of Android Application Development in 2016

When you think of the best framework to be choose for android application development, you might get confused. All the programmers are going through one single question, which would be the best.

Well, It is true that deploying an application is quite difficult. The fact is that it makes the entire experience flexible and easy.

Android application development now can be considered as the most popular one.

Here are the frameworks:

Phone Gap:

Itis the most very flexible application development which allows people to observe the changes.Also, it is a cross-platform application which supports HTML5, CSS and JavaScript development.

Appcelerator Titanium:

Appcelerator Titanium is the biggest mobile app development framework through which you can enable a native mobile applications from a single JavaScript code.Appcelerator delivers mobile test automation which can utilized into the manual testing, which is fully time-intensive.

JQuery Mobile:

When it comes to talking about jQuery, you can write one version of the code and it will be responsive. So this way a single website or app that you develop will run on different devices as well as on different operating systems. Users are capable of downloading jQueryeasily.


CoronaSDK is also one of the best mobile app development framework. Moreover, the framework is most commonly used by game developers. You can also use it for other applications as well.


This framework has a codeless interface that enables for instant and fastest development which utilizes HTML5. The most exciting thing is that it allows you to directly submit your application to Google Play.

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