The Changing Era of Mobile world in India from Nokia to Google Android

Today the world has become fascinated over Smartphone. Daily we get a buzz about mobile/Smartphone in news. Where ever you go or whatever your budget is, that doesn’t matter at all. Today in India you’ll get the best phone according to your budget and need. But do you know the beginning of the time when our people has adopted these technologies?

Well if you answer is no then today here, we are with you with some facts and some information which will make you go woo. Today in the article we are going to cover the memories from the old times to recent trends. In this article we will define the mobile names which we know and we have experienced in our hand.

There were 5 major OS which make an impact in Indian Market.Starting from Symbian to latest Android OS.Technology name and release date as below:

Timeline of Mobile OS: -mobile

  1. Symbian (Nokia)- 1997
  2. Blackberry – 1999
  3. Windows Os – 2000
  4. IOS – 2007
  5. Android – 2008
  1. Symbian (Nokia) launched in 1997 –In India there was a time when Nokia was one of the Top in mobile industry. The basic phones like Nokia 1100, 2300 or B-phone like E63, E71 or their N series. These were the phone which was the latest buzz and everybody wanted these phones. Nokia series were adopted by Indians like a fire in forest. Nokia 1100 give us the long battery life so E series has given us the business solution and N series gave the Music and camera solution.
  2. Blackberry launched in 1999 –Blackberry was the only business phone in India. Blackberry was giving their best Blackberry Messenger service when there was no “Whatsapp”. Blackberry OS is so prominent that it’s the only one who give us the real time mail even today. When Blackberry initially launched the phone was not carrying camera feature. But later as per demand and changing trend they started enabling camera feature. Blackberry phones were the status symbol in India.
  3. Windows OS launched in 2000–Readers if you think that the “Lumia” was the one who carried Windows OS by Microsoft then let me tell you that’s not the fact. O2 was the phone which came in India. It was having Windows OS. Even after that Microsoft came up with Pocket PC as well in India.
  4. IOS launched in 2007 –IOS or I-Phone. Today if you ask even a kid about I-Phone he also knows how to use the I-Phone. I-Phone was launched in 2007 by Steve Jobs. It made the revolution in world. World has welcomed I-Phone with warm greetings. Because of the I-Phone the demand of I-Phone Application Developmentis increased. With IOS you’ll get the best application and games. In India I-Phone is also a status symbol.
  5. Android launched in 2008 –Google a big name in Internet world. Where the Symbian, Blackberry and I-Phone placed the barriers for developers and users. Google came with their OS. Which they named Android which means Robot. The initial offer by Google was given to Nokia in India’s market as it was the leading brand, but they rejected it. Later this Open source OS came in every phone. Today we see the best Smartphone in low rates which gives us all the features. This following OS has boomed theMobile application development company in India.

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