The Facts you did not know about E- Commerce

Due to online stores inviting more people to their destinations driving the E- Commerce development Website to new heights of success people’s daily lives have changes and great importance has been given to Opti Matrix and E- Commerce website development. EBay and Amazon are the two big players in this field which lead in the E- Commerce market.

E- Commerce sales have increased 26% this year and will increase to 30% more in future.

So we can safely say that e- commerce is responsible for moneymaking changes for most merchants.

Below are some interesting facts which will throw light on the e-commerce Industry and its development.

  1. Due to forced account registration 20% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts.
  2. When making a decision to purchase products from the online industry 46% of shoppers first refer to the social media sites.
  3. 9% of the industry sales will be enjoyed by the retailers.
  4. 15% of online shoppers in 2015-2016 will increase to 92 million in the US.
  5. 71% of shoppers think they get better deals from the online shopping websites.
  6. Out of 80% of online users 50% have made successful purchases.
  7. Accessories and Apparel are the fastest growing markets in the online shopping industry.
  8. 10% profit is predicted to all US online retailers by 2017.
  9. 26% of females in the UK do not shop online due to inadequate product information and the difficulties in exchanging.
  10. Products are generally reviewed in the product stores and then purchased online.
  11. 33% of Global mobile transactions are completed in the US.
  12. By 2017 mobile commerce will dominate 24% of the E-commerce development website market.
  13. 44% of shoppers commence shopping with search engines.
  14. The per person spend in the E- Commerce market is 12–$ to 1300$ per year.
  15. 26% of the products added to a cart are abandoned.

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