The Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Content

A convincing SEO content is not about how purposefully you place keywords in the article, although it is not about highlighting keywords or putting hyper-links on sites. These kinds of activities will optimize the standard later. The main aspect of optimizing content is to make a masterpiece that gets high number of links from external sources or from websites. It can be said that writer focuses on people’s interest in order to get more attention from the audience. This article stimulates 10 rules for developing a good quality of SEO content. In order to gain ideas, and content from the readers, we must know about the resources and source of information.

Engage your reader

Loads of articles putting in websites do not show impact that this is a major source engine unless it provides quality writing. It must be in a form that can be helpful for the readers or it can be said that informative for the readers. Number of researches has claimed that s good strategic writing follows high quality of information and a well-written subject piece on one page instead of splitting it into number of pages for executing it on a website.

Use keywords strategically

It is known fact that quality always rules over quantity. For that reason, stuffing or overloading work cannot appeal anyone, especially if it contains keywords as well. Do not use your keywords again and again while writing your article or blog, since it gives impression that you are over filling your keywords in your writing. At times people assume it as spam, therefore avoid stuffing keywords. An effective writing use SEO efficiently that comprises of keyword phrase with every 125 to 150 words.

Create an impact

It is not about putting a comment or giving your opinion, it is about giving a unique perspective to the reader. Research is must for both sides of the opinions that could be argumentative side or on peaceable side. Hence giving a new perspective to other’s opinion is an ability of content writing.

Do your research

Doing research plays a vital role in getting a valuable piece of writing. However, research takes time since it covers so many original references that are considered as beneficial for the readers. If you are not good in doing research then approach to someone to whom you can assist.

Embed a widget

If your main task is to attract number of people via link to your website then high use of widgets can allow them to share your matter with each other. Sharing subject matter with social networking websites can allow third part sources to like it.

Use effective titles

Title of an article or content must be like a piece of puzzle that can be solved with a friendly mood. It means that anyone can easily understand the meaning of title as an important piece of work. The main title is not only a part of the page but also a title tag of html page, and H1 tag. However, little work is required as a rewrite for the URLs if a reader is using CMS system. An efficient title of an article also helps to rank with high number for the search engines.

Engage real experts

There are so many experts in this industry who knows insight of industry better than anyone, since they know the background knowledge regarding this particular concept. Therefore, cite those experts who appreciate for being cited in anyone’s work. This practice gives reliability and authenticity to the reader about your writing. It helps for the websites and for the referenced experts. In future, such type of writings becomes authoritative and beneficial for the reader because of its credibility.

See what people are searching for

This rule is considered as the most interesting and time consuming activity, since it needs little research in order to know the insights of people. To know about the firing topics of today’s time is difficult and then to write a piece for the right audience is another aspect.

Scare them

This technique is used by so many traditional advertising firms, this tactic gives an idea that if a reader does not respond swiftly on the issue then reader will fail to succeed to grand this opportunity. However, using this tactic with great efficiency can change the meaning of the text and for that reason writer can succeed the main goal.

Have fun

The most important aspect is to stand for the subject to which you are indulging with and have fun with it. These writing tactics are the main requirement of SEO content.


SEO content writing must possess some points to make it friendly for someone. For that reason, there is a guideline or 10 tips to make a feasible SEO content. Make your readers engaged to your writing by using their pain points. For that reason they will stick to your writing only. Another aspect is to use effective titles and use real work of experts to make your writing logical and relevant for your readers. These strategies can make a good and promising SEO content.

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