Top 5 Guidelines To Improve Web2.0 Designing

There are some guidelines that just help web designer guys construct better and more functional website. So here in this article presents some new design guidelines for the Web 2.0 but before that we would like to focus on some of the features that we as web designers pay attention to or need to work on:

– Simplicity
– Simple fonts
– Light background color
– Fewer columns
– Fixed Header

Normally, web 2.0 is used to describe:

– Resurgence in the economy of a website.
– A whole new level of technological comfort and interactivity between the web pages and the services provided.
– Social phenomena derived from new and different types of social networks and online communities.


The trick is to always keep the designing simple. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean minimal. What I mean by simple is that you should use the minimum amount of designing needs to give it a subtle look, complete with features, which gives it the purpose you have been meaning to give it to, and not by not adding any features because you think keeping things minimal is simplicity.

Simple fonts:

The only reason users visit your page is to have access to the information. If you make it difficult for them, they will not think twice before jumping off to another website. The trick is to use as simplest font as possible so that you manage to catch the user’s attention, this is the one very important way you can ensure the reader/user goes through your page. Using simple fonts makes the information readable and so users will stick to it till they have found out what they have been looking for.

Fixed Header:

Fixed header may not seem like a very extensive feature or a guideline to make the web page attractive, but it is a very powerful feature. Combining a search box for the webpage on the page makes navigation very easy for your users and so they’ll find what they are looking for easily. Many clever web designers make it a point to include a fixed header onto their websites.

Fewer Columns:

Having the minimal number of columns is a good thing to implement in your webpage. Why? As the number of lines increases the suspense and the visual brilliancy quotient decreases. That is the reason why it is advisable to have fewer columns. Having less columns and more visually descriptive art or images is an added advantage for your page, and this is exactly what users wish on an ideal webpage. Always think from a user’s point of view before designing the website.

Light Background color:

Always have a light background color for your website. This makes the website sport calm feel that attracts the users to read it or go through it. Colors like white, light blue or lemon yellow suit the purpose best.

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