Top 7 Internet Marketing Tips For Law Firms In 2013

It was only a few years ago that no law firm even thought about advertising through the internet because of the very nature of their job. Today, things have changed and all the professional ones have discovered the power of Internet marketing.

Here are top 7 internet marketing tips for law firms:

1. Remain up to date in terms of updates in Search Engine Algorithms:
2012 has been a witness to some of the most revolutionary algorithm updates in the recent years. SEO strategies have changed drastically with the advent of Penguin, Panda and Exact-Match-Domain updates. They kicked the ones using old techniques out of the search engine results and the ones that provided well presented content to the search engine ranked well. In 2013 also, it is very likely that further significant search engine changes take place and it is very necessary that you adapt to those changes to stay afloat.

2. Use Social Media:
Soon after the initial social media sites began to surface, people started realizing their power to network. This made businesses to follow social media. Social media is an excellent platform to make your law firm’s presence felt in the region. All you need to do is look for websites and have profiles on selected ones. Thereafter network with people and link them with your page. You can also join forums that are associated with lawyers. Do make sure that you mention a comment on regular basis and that every comment of yours carries a link to carry the visitor to your website.

3. Get local SEO done:
Your firm may have spent loads of time, effort and money on creating the best website with good graphics and ample photographs but all this will not bear any fruits if there is no one who sees them or in other words if there is no traffic. The site has to be optimized to attract more visitors. One of the ways to get local SEO done is hiring firms that specialize in it. Local SEO deals with posting articles written on different legal issues that most people come across daily. Post articles with some common words targeted as keywords. Also, take care to wisely select the keywords that are commonly used by people while looking for law firms on the internet. You can also do guest blogging on popular law blogs.

4. Set up a blog or a content marketing portal:
Blogs carry an advantage of regular updating unlike a website. While it is good to have a website, it is a must to have a blog of your own. After you set up a blog, you can hire writers to write quality content for you. As a lawyer, you would be well aware of what legal terms are people looking for on the internet. They could be, for example, injury, inheritance, divorce etc. At the end of each of your blog posts, provide a link directing the reader to the main site where they get more information about your firm.

5. Target legal directories:
Legal directories are the ones that can get you more clients than anything else can. It is here where the major chunk of your potential clients is likely to be found. Make sure to submit the link to your website on such legal directories and the good news is that most of these directories allow you to get listed for free.

6. Have an eye on competitors:
It is recommended to have competitors under observation. This can provide you with a lot of input on what tricks and tips are they following to advertise their firms. Keep a track of your competitors by joining the same forums as they and regularly follow their updates. It is also advised to carry out an internet marketing audit for better analysis of your efforts.

7. Have a vision:
This is an evergreen tip that holds true for all kind of marketing strategies, online or otherwise. You must have a plan of action in mind that betters your prospects in 2013 when compared to 2012. There are no two ways about the fact that strategy and planning are two major factors that are crucial to avoid wasting time and money online.

These top 7 internet marketing tips for law firms are sure to hold your firm in good stead if followed in letter and spirit. The potential of internet marketing has been realized by one and all today and is a must for all legal firms that wish to continue to stay afloat and have the same earning potential in 2013 as they had in 2012.

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This post has been written by Richel Queen. She loves to perform guest blogging on various law blogs.

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