Top 7 Trends in Mobile App Design in 2016

In today’s demanding world, mobile devices and mobile technologies keep both the designers and developers on their toes. It is now pas that both designers and developers were each other’s contenders. Not they need to work co-operatively to meet the user requirements and satisfy their client. The most important thing in any application development is its logic and UI/UX, i.e. Design and Development.

The combination of technology, fashion and style is driven by the likes and dislikes of the users. Especially in today’s time of portability, designer and developer needs to learn latest trends of mobile apps development. Here are top 10 trends that are likely to be followed in the year 2016.

1.Big Screen Size

As the passes on, new smartphones are coming with bigger screens and capturing a huge market. This means a lot in the aspect of mobile app designing. UI/UX designers have to consider the bigger sizes as well as smaller sizes to capture all types of users.

The key aspect of big screen is that designers need to ensure that all the navigations are accessible on the screen by one thumb touch of users. The applications needs to be designed in such a way that user does not have to try hard to reach a control with his thumb. And two-hand grip should be at its best in the terms of aesthetics and practically too.

2.Swiping & Tapping

When there is normally only one hand is being used by the user, the controls needs to be placed at the right position for swiping and tapping. They need to be an integral part of mobile app design and development.

3.Wearables Design

Wearable devices are the new innovation of 21st century. It goes without saying that wearables design is set to become huge and is a great challenge to designers to deal with. Every mobile apps design project should focus on these gadgets in 2016.

4.Integrating Material Design

Google came up with the new idea of material design with the release of Android 5.0 last year. This is a design which follows a layered layout and became a huge hit among users. A good designer should be aware of this.

5.Movements in Mobile App Design

Movements, or rather we call it animation, look more real and engaging to users. They help draw the attention of the user on a specific item which needs action.

6.Color Schemes

A good color combination appeals to the users. Toned down colors and soothing light make the design smooth and crispy which are pleasing to user eyes.


Never ever forget to re-check the typography errors before releasing the application. Typography does the real taking and grabs attention to deliver a neat and clean user interface by pairing it with background movements and images.

We hope with the above tips, developers and designers will be able to do the best in mobile apps development project. If you have any further queries about Android application development, visit our website at

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