Top Marketing Strategies to Attract Potential Clients through the Internet

Attracting new clients is something every business wants to do, and the Internet provides new opportunities to introduce your business to potential customers. There are a great number of businesses all clamoring for attention from the consumer via the Internet. Therefore, a comprehensive strategy to market the business is necessary to increase the chance of success.

The Foundation of Internet Marketing

True Internet marketing begins with the creation of a website optimized from the beginning for the search engines. The title of the site, the keywords, and the layout of the site itself is part of the marketing plan. Choosing a website designer who understands SEO is a good way to start.

Begin Marketing Efforts with a Blog

Create a blog as part of the business website and make regular postings part of your promotional activities. A few posts a week is more than enough, and this is easily outsourced. The blog is a good way to demonstrate expertise on a particular subject appropriate to the business, and it attracts visitors to the website.

Target the Right Demographic

A website and a blog receiving traffic can provide enough data to analyze with some of the SEO tools provided by Google. These can help you understand your site traffic, their geographic location, and how they found their way to your website.

1. Write blog articles that have a geographic connection to the location where the bulk of your traffic originates.

2. Concentrate promotional efforts on the source of the greatest number of lead ins to your site

Expand Into Social Media

Businesses with an established blog and a history of blogging will want to drive traffic to their articles and their website in the process.

1. The business should set up a Hootsuite account and use this to handle multiple submissions to various social media sites. This software allows advance scheduling of posts to social media sites.

2. The company then needs to delegate someone to find articles about the business or things related to the type of business. Prepare links to these articles as Tweets. This is simply adding a catchy lead to a shortened link and then letting Hootsuite post them. The same links are okay to use on Facebook by removing the hashmarks in many cases.

3. Create a Facebook fan page that is positioned to appeal to the demographics of most of your customers. Fill it with content that relates to their interests.

4. Begin a YouTube video channel. Optimize it like a website and look for an angle to stand out from the crowd. There is currently less competition than that among wesbsites, but the difference is dwindling.

Paid Marketing

Once a company has all of the low cost marketing tools in place, they are in position to get more out of paid marketing techniques.

1. A Pay Per Click campaign is easy to start and cost effective. The ads produce almost immediate results and it is possible to change them until the right combination is found.

2. Submitting your website to the major directories involves paying a yearly fee. There are many of these directories, but a paid campaign should begin with just the major search engines. It is wise to take advantage of the larger free directories as well. These directories contribute to website traffic and page rankings.

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Jo Harris is the Outreach Director for the Morgan Law Firm. She is a frequent blogger on a variety of subjects.

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