Top SEO Tips that Every Web Developer Should Know

Digital marketing has become the unavoidable way in promoting a business online nowadays.One of the most important feature of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization. If the web development company has good technical abilities and good amount of resources, there is no doubt that the website will become a huge success.

However, the web development company needs to make sure that they have good SEO management team.It often happens that the company develops a great website but has done very poor work in SEO. This may lead to low visits from search engines and competitors with better SEO can take the lead. So here we present some of the essential SEO tips that every web developer should know.

  1. 1.Design website based on your main keyword

You really need to take care of your keywords while designing the website. This is essential because search engines only look at keywords and visitors look at design. You need to mix them up well. You can also make use of designing for mobile to reach smartphone users.

  1. 2.Internal page connection on your website

A great idea is to connect all of your web pages internally to each other. Cross-connecting those with one another will help search engines to crawl through whole website and link all pages.

  1. 3.Plan a sitemap for the site both HTML and XML sitemaps

Sitemaps are used for our visitors to discover all the pages easily. HTML sitemap is used for visitors while XML sitemap is used for SEO purpose.

  1. 4.Place keywords where they matter the most

Inappropriate use of keywords may lead to wrong understanding. You should incorporate your main keywords at important places like title, head, classifications and page content. And other keywords should be used in page content only.

  1. 5.Remove features that slows down your website

It is quite possible that you have incorporated some features in the website which is affecting the page load timing. Remove any of such features that impede your website. They can be any high quality image, music player, design etc.

  1. 6.Add meta tags

Meta tags are the must for all the pages. They are title label which are used at the top of the page and describes your page to the search engines. Meta tags include Meta title, Meta description and keywords. It is the most vital component of your website if you want your site on the top of the search results page.

  1. 7.Update your website regularly

One way to attract search engines is to update content on the regular bases. That is the reason why catalogues and journals always seen at top of the search results. You can also hire an expert web developers to do that daily.

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