Top Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Social Networking is the most sensitive nerve in today’s market and all the bloggers know that very well. In fact no blog can flourish without having the social options in it. Be it a product, company, business or any other thing for which a blog is meant, social networking ingredient is a vital component that must be included in it to make it available for people from all over the world. This article talks about the top Twitter plugins that can be featured on WordPress blogs to give them a touch of celebrity updates.

1.Social Slider

It is a type of plugin that can add links to any of the famous social networking websites inside a box floating at the left part of the screen.

2.Twitter Widget Pro

This widget is amazing in handling all the twitter feeds that include URL’s into links, parsing @username, and #hashtags.

3.Kebo Twitter Feed

This plugin enables addition of a better looking Twitter feed to the blog or website.

4.Microblog Poster

This plugin has a great ability to publish new and latest blog content to Auto-updates, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Delicious, Diigo, and Linkedin.

5.Simple Social Buttons

This plugin does the job of adding all the posts on the social networking buttons such as Google plus on “+1”, “Like it!” of Facebook and similarly others. This is totally customizable.

6.Share buttons by AddToAny

If one wants to help setting bookmarks, sharing, emailing pages and posts using any options from Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Google, LinkedIn, then this plugin is necessary.

7.Twitter posts to Blog

It is a simple one that creates posts in the blogs from the twitter searches that were done.


Just as the name suggests, this plugin integrates on one’s blog and performs the task of displaying the number of followers that person has on Twitter.

9.Feed Them Social

This plugin can easily add Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest Feeds to any post, widget or page. It is a utility.

10.My Twitter Widget

Last but not the least; this is a kind of plugin which is a sidebar widget. It offers possibility to showcase the latest posts on the WordPress blogs or website. The owner can also choose to display posts anywhere from one to fifty and also has a wide range of profile images, themes, and more attractive things on offer.

Thus, WordPress is all about creativity and innovation and the deadly combination of these two can work wonders on the internet. WordPress is a global platform and therefore one has to keep minds open for new things to come in, put attractive stuffs on the blogs and gain more readership and other ideas. These ten twitter plugins can play their own roles in making a blog a huge success but certainly the social content cannot be missing from a WordPress blog. The owners know the tips and tricks and these ideas can only give directions.

About Author: This is a guest post submitted by Saanvi Singh on behalf of questpostingindia.

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