Social networking sites are one of the best means to market your products. One of the main being Twitter. Twitter is the place where either paidor free, you can do numerous things alone to ensure that it fits well into your content strategy.Find below a list of steps you should take considering twitterin your content marketing strategy:-
  • Set Objectives for Twitter Marketing: Set your goals right and then move ahead with your plan. Generate leads, build awareness, create a positive opinion about your products, build a community that will support your product or services, provide customer support through valuable content and one-on-one conversations.
  • Decide Where Twitter Fits into Your Content Strategy: Select which twitter content such as video, images, or blog postsbest suits your Content strategy.
  • Identify Your Target Audience: Build Twitter lists for each segment of your audience to keep track of who likes which content.
  • Determine the Best Times to Tweet: Figure out when your followers are best online and that’s when you tweet. You can do so by using SocialBro, HootsuiteAutoschedule and Tweriod.
  • Get Content Ideas from Twitter: This can be done by monitoring the most relevant keywords in your industry, following what questions are asked most about a certain strategy, and if you have the answer give it to them. This way more people will know about your company.
  • Monitor Your Competitors: Since twitter is one of the main social networking sites, every other companymarkets their brand with it. Follow your competitors by looking at the articles they share,understand what people are saying about them, as well as how they’re responding. This will help you see how they’re marketing it and how it’s received by their audience.
  • Choose What You Share: Ensure that your texts are short and simple. Use more of Photos, videos and slideshares as they attract more audiences. If you have a valuable piece of content that lives elsewhere and can’t be embedded, a regular link will do. Just hashtag it.
  • Promote Your Content: By quoting your posts, using @mentions and including statistics that support the arguments you’re making in your content.

This way you not only will have a large target audience but also will be “popular”.

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