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If you are someone who would like to make sure you will design some websites in the future, after you will consider some courses or maybe you’re already doing so, but not at an advanced level, there might be some things you need to know about this. Knowing exactly what you have to do when you design a website will allow you to meet your clients’ expectations better than ever and make sure you retain them as much as possible. Below, this article will take a look at some of the best web design tips and advice which will help you in your career as a web designer.

Web 2.0 Websites

These kinds of websites actually refer to the advanced web design styles like focused, interacting, sleek and clean websites. What this means is that professionals will not create a minimalist website, but actually remove the clutter and content that’s responsible for distracting the user’s attention. Web 2.0 is also required for the optimization of websites so they are compatible with certain browsers and work even on old computers with older browsing software.

Central Layout with CSS

To define styles and guides for the entire web page and its sub-pages, using cascading style sheets or CSS is recommended. If a central layout is used, the content will be focused in the middle of the page and at the same time 2 sidebars will be used for search engine optimized tags, extra links, content and any other tools used for building traffic which could be responsible for cluttering the main content section. Central layout designs using cascading style sheets will be helpful in order to structure the website in pixel width. This means that regardless of the browser people use, they will still be able to see the entire content of the page.


Advanced website design will always include SEO website building tools and one example in this regard are the META tags. They are generally used so that the search engine knows what keywords the site uses and what the website is about. These tags are used internally by bots and spiders and they aren’t displayed inside the website. Another SEO tool involves using keywords inside website content. However, for the keywords to be effective in driving traffic, they should relate to the domain name and then to the articles on the website.

Creating Valid Websites

One of the most vital parts of building advanced sites is that all the CSS, XHTML, HTML and PHP coding are valid. Each tag plays its role and it’s vital in regards to the info served to the servers and the way a page is displayed. That is why a cascading style sheet is embedded inside an XHTML document and they eventually work as a single website. If the cascading style sheets code is not valid, it will remove color scheme choices from links and texts, move text in the wrong section and also throw off the design. If the XHTML document is not valid, then it will display function errors when using PHP and throw up errors on the screen.

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