Web Design Trends One Can Expect to See in 2013

The Internet continues to advance rapidly. What was popular yesterday may be outdated today, and web designers must keep up with changing trends. What trends can website owners expect to see in 2013, and what should they be looking for in terms of web design?

Responsive web design remains at the top of the list when it comes to web design trends. Not only is the Internet advancing rapidly, the devices used to access the World Wide Web are changing too, and web designers must be able to keep up. With responsive web design, a site adapts to the size of the device on which it is being viewed. Only one layout must be done for various devices, saving both time and money.

Web designers spend a great deal of time coding websites. Thanks to new CSS frameworks, the amount of time needed to complete this task has been greatly reduced. Two and three-column website layouts can now be built in minutes. Less HTML mark-up is needed to achieve results. As a result, the process used to build a website becomes smaller and more streamlined, and the website takes less time to load. Necessary changes to a site take less time to complete also.

Minimalist landing pages capture more leads than cluttered ones, and web designers are taking this to a whole new level. Vector icons are popular here along with easy to read text. The goal is to convert leads to sales, and minimalist landing pages make this more likely to occur.

Expect to see web designers focus more on social integration. Modern consumers prefer to share purchases and desired items with friends and family. A social network is the perfect place to do so. When social sharing is an integral part of website design, customer engagement increases along with brand awareness.

Many websites need infinite scrolling due to the information being presented. Pinterest is a good example of a site making use of infinite scrolling with great results. Certain websites find this feature to be helpful. Others won’t benefit from infinite scrolling in any way. Understanding which websites fall into each category is of great importance.

These are just a few of the web design trends one can expect to see in 2013. There are many others, but all are designed to make the Internet better than before. Users are sure to love what they find.

Author Bio: Maria Benson; a professional blogger and writer. Recently started researching the benefits of ppi which was miss-sold but was compensated with the help of ppi claims.

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