Web Designing: Some Important Rules

The key to having a good functional and Google optimal website is good Web Designing and Web Development by Opti Matrix. Effective Web Portal Development and a pleasing and effective Aesthetic design can lead to high conversion rates.

Purpose: The need based requirement should be the priority of a website. Effective planning and web development can determine the visitors interest in future interaction, entertainment and transactions with the company.

Communication: Effective communication content, clear and precise information are some pointers to successful Web Development. Easy understanding with heading, sub-headings and bullet points are the speciality of Opti Matrix in Web Development.

Images: Using appropriate images can effect brand positioning and connect you with the target audience. In the absence of high quality images the others used should be complementing to your website.Navigation: Easy

Typeface: Simple contemporary fonts like Sans Serif and Verdana are most convenient to use. 16px, 3 typefaces and a maximum 3 point size is the most ideal typeface configuration to be used.

Navigation: Easy immovability in the website leads to good navigation. Some techniques to enhance this are by using bread crumbs, designing click-able buttons, and maintaining the ‘three click rule along with logical page hierarchy.

Load time: Optimizing image size, minify HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and combining code into a central CSS are ways to optimise Load time. Once a page can load quickly it makes ones interest remain in the Web Designing content of the Web Site.

Grid Layouts: Arranging Contents into sections, boxes and layouts can create effective grid based layouts. A messy page is not appealing and will not conform to effective Web Designing and web development by Opti Matrix

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