Web Development Tips: Bringing the Perfect Balance between Texts and Images

The use of graphics and text in well balanced manner makes a huge difference between a normal and an extraordinary website. It is quite confusing to understand the minds of visitors whether they will accept a particular design or not. Some Survey results have proven that the opinion about a website of visitors changes in 0.05 seconds. And this is the time limit a web designer gets to ensure that the visitors stays on the page. To ensure this, it is a vital decision to decide what to keep on the webpage and what not.

First of all, the whole website design should be consistent throughout the website. Colors, fonts, images, content placements and quality of the GUI makes all the difference when it comes to a successful website. Following are some of the tips to bring the perfect balance between texts and images in your html design of the website:

Logo of the company:Logo is the most significant image and considered the first image that is displayed to the visitor. It should located at the top of the homepage and load very fast. Logo should be visually attractive and easily recognizable.

Easy Navigation:The whole website should be easily navigable without any trouble. Searching something on your website should be made easy and achievable. This will make sure that the visitor feels comfortable throughout different pages and will not leave the page.

Special Pages: There are some pages which need extra attention of visitors like a page regarding services and products. Such pages should be focusing on the main contents and use of graphics to get attention is very useful.

Quality Content: It is said that “Content is the King” of any website. The content should not have any spelling and grammatical mistakes. It should be written in such a way that it serve the purpose.

Quality Images:As it is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”, use of the proper images at different places makes it easier for visitors to browse the site. Images help web development companies to create a better website and pass the right message.

It is important for any website designing company to follow these essential rules in web development projects. It will definitely be beneficial in attracting more traffic and serve the purpose.

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