What is Hybrid Application Development

The modern world of technology has extended so well that we can only imagine about their growth. You have been surely gone through trying of different applications for different OS such as for Android, Windows and iPhone. But, Have you ever heard of that the application development has reached combining more then one OS.

We have now discovered to provide experience of Hybrid application development. Here’s everything you need to know about Hybrid application development.

What is Hybrid application development ?

Now, you might be thinking how it is possible.

Basically, in simple words Hybrid mobile apps are like other applications only which you use in your mobile. You can easily install the app in your mobile. You can find them in your app stores. And can play games, connect with your friends through social media, and can perform all such activities.

These are the applications which are wrapped up in native shell. That means the outside structure of application is native but the inside content is web based.

The hybrid mobile apps are created mixing up with the web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The only way you can find the difference is that hybrid application development are hosted into a native container.

How is Hybrid mobile application created ?

These applications are created in the same way as we used to create websites. Both the website and app uses a amalgamation of various technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, the hybrid applications target on a WebView hosted inside a native container. This enables to perform things such as accessing hardware capabilities of the mobile device.

Why to go for Hybrid ?

Through Hybrid mobile app development the developer’s now days tries to enhance their skills by re utilising their coding capability in web development providing a new platform to work.

Also, the requirement would only focus on one developer who can target all of them through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? isn’t it.

Talking about benefits of hybrid application development this is more faster and simpler comparatively. Morerapid and the application is easier to maintain. Also, you can change platforms easily anytime.

What you need to do is just add a line of code in Cordova.

The development with all the benefits also carries few faults with itself. Hybrid apps are still dependent on the native browser, which means they are not as fast as native apps.

So, which way you choose to go for ?

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