What is Rank brain? And how does it affect the digital marketing?

First let me introduce with the term that stands new to you i.e Rank brains. It is the googles new term for artificial intelligence tool.Currently,RankBrain impacts 15% of search queries. To put it in perspective, the infamous Panda update affected 7.5% of searches and Penguin affected less than 1% of searches.

How does it affects SEO?

  • Use Schema markup and data highlighter:

To help bridge this gap in understanding, Google came up with a new concept i.e Schema markup for internet marketing.

  • Have a concept-focused campaign I see this way too frequently: Everybody is trying to rank the page on SERP #1 . People they come to us. When the page and SERP is compared, we finda the concept they’re trying to rank for doesn’t. It mainly arises when companies run a keyword-centric campaign.
  • Google takes how users interact with your site into consideration when ranking your site affecting web development standards. We feel that Rank Brain also emphasizes this, it is so obvious that the content that gets more user response is probably more relevant than one that doesn’t.
  • Through content you can enhance these non-branded terms. By going through the keyword audit and ideal navigation activity, you can predict the cause of content gaps.

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