What you need to know about PageRank?

Everyone has really gone online. From the biggest companies down to home-based, mom-and-pop owned businesses, you can now boast of owning a website. But the question is, does your website bring the expected results? If you aren’t sure and if you think it doesn’t do its work aside from adorning your business card, then, you can’t expect to push up your online marketing campaign and maximize the results. Maintaining a high Google PageRank is necessary not only to attract searchers but also to boost your sales and maintain your lead in your niche market.

But what is the PageRank?

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land http://searchengineland.com/what-is-google-pagerank-a-guide-for-searchers-webmasters-11068 explains that PageRank is Google’s way of calculating “link votes.” Both the quantity and quality of link votes coming in to a website will have a significant impact on determining if it is worthy of landing on Google’s first page.

With the online competition getting tougher and tougher each day, it pays to stick on time-tested strategies to guarantee your position doesn’t get easily beaten.

Content is King

A well-researched and keyword-enrich content is vital because it serves as the foundation of all the SEO processes. Simply put, with no content at hand, and SEO technique is worthless.

Quality content attracts the attention of people. It helps them to unconsciously interact with your online endeavors in a more positive way. With a nice content, you give them the reason to share the message that you want them to know. But according to Rankpay.com, http://blog.rankpay.com/why-content-is-king/, the most important contribution of content is that it introduces your product and helps people get acquainted with it.

Open a blog

Jim Lodico of Social Media Examiner http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/the-fastest-way-to-increase-your-google-ranking/ explains that each time you write and post a blog, a new page is added into the search engine, helping spread your website’s presence in the online world. Try writing and posting at least two to three blogs a week and after a month your website—which originally has, say, five pages, will grow to having around 20 pages, which can really help boost its rank in Google. Do the same thing week after week and in one year, you can only imagine how many indexed pages you’ll have. It’s simple, for every page that Google indexes means another signal that it may catch.

Submit your sites to top article directories

Don’t just submit on any article directories. Make sure it’s a top article directory. Ezine, Go Articles and Suite101 are just some of the PR 5 plus websites that you can bank on. Submitting your articles will also help increase the traffic to your website, given that these directories welcome millions of visitors a month. Most of these searchers are actually looking for high-quality and relevant articles so think of a nice topic and write a well-researched content to boost your readership and authorship.

Promote your site via social networking sites

Social media can help increase your website’s organic search results. Google and other search engines are now putting heavy emphasis on a website’s capacity to involve searchers and viewers in a more meaningful way. Social media increase client generated content as they influence the customer’s purchasing decisions. It boosts your industry clout, especially if you showcase your expertise about something. You also get to link your present professional affiliations, give your ideas and discuss that you know most on forums, discussions and threads and maintain your visibility in the industry. All these will do so much to make your website a seemingly active hub of information for others.

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