Which is the Best Framework for Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are nowadays has reached to a level where almost everything has become so easy for human. It has resolved the problem of banking, paying their expenses, entertainment, connecting with people and your schedule planning these days. Everything seems so easy with mobile and everything looks possible.

Each application has got its own features competing to stand out best. Now, apart from thinking for the ideas to explore the various field to develop a mobile application a very important point to be considered is which framework to be choose for developing their mobile application ?

Does the people using the application thinks about which framework has been used to built this app. Actually it hardly matters for the user but for the development company it is the most important and initial point to be think before even starting a development.

Here are the topmost 5 framework for the development of mobile application. Look for what suits you the best.

  • jQuery Mobile:

jQuery Mobile is one of the best framework for the development of mobile application to build cross-mobile-platform app. jQuery Mobile is a robust framework support different platforms, from a desktop, tablet, smart phone, and other such devices.

  • Cordova:

PhoneGap is essentially based on Cordova. It provides a set of JavaScript APIs that connect to the device’s native functions such as Camera, Contacts, Geographical location and etc. Cordova help us to create a mobile application without using the native language Moreover, we can use a framework like jQuery Mobile.

  • Sencha Touch:

Sencha Touch is a mobile framework which uses the amalgamation of HTML5 and CSS3, providing APIs and components that gets set with the mobile platforms. It supports both the frameworks i.e Cordova and PhoneGap. You can also compile your app and submit it to platform’s App Stores.

  • Rachet:

Ratchet was first discovered by Twitter as an tool so that to create a prototype version which afterwards launched publicly as an open source project. Ratchet includes User Interface and JavaScript plugins in itself for building simple mobile apps, providing reusable HTML classes

  • Ioinic:

Ionic is a framework that provides great performance in application development. So, Ionic would be the best framework for you if you choose performance as a factor. Ionic is an HTML5 mobile framework with focus on performance and it requires no third-party JS library.

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