Which Mobile Application Development Platform is better for my App?

Are you confused on deciding mobile application development platform for your app? Here are the top three factors that will help you to make the right decision:

1.Visibility versus Revenues

If we look at statistics, android has a very large customer base which gives you the most visibility, i.e. 73% (based on absolute market share numbers). While on the other hand Apple’s app store has only 23% visibility.

If we talk about revenues, Apple’s app store sales revenue is almost 5 times larger than the Google’s play store. For example some of the most popular android apps are available for free on the android platform while paid on iOS platform.

So here you need to determine that you need the better visibility or higher revenues. Remember that the most visibility your app get, the higher the chances of generating revenues.

2.Consider the Benefit of Fragmentation

It is a well-known fact to developers that Android development is not easy task and requires good programming skills and good project management. On the other hand Apple allows easy and hassle-free development for different devices like iPhones and iPads.

After the release of iOS 7, Apple has also going started offering different features for their different devices. So now it has become very important for a developer to create a solution for different iOS too.

3.Understanding the Customer Usage

Determining the customer usage and which platforms are their customers using the most is an important task to do before choosing the platform. You can check the logs of customer usage to determine their platform usage. Basically, android apps development is preferred in this because they has high number of users which results in higher customer usage in the same platform.m

Lastly, I would say that get as much information about your customers as you can before you choose a specific development platform.It is recommended that do not get carried away with media reports which are in favor of a specific OS. OptiMatrix is one of the top android apps development company. You can ask your further queries at our website to get it resolved.

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