Why Responsive Web Design Is Integral For Effective SEO? 3 Main Reasons!

The increasing trend of mobile-based browsing is forcing the website owners to have mobile friendly websites. It’s not just to appeal to the targeted mobile audience, but for SEO purpose as well, as Google is supporting the mobile friendly websites to get higher ranks.

According to stats, mobile-based sales have crossed the desktop-based sales and it has been predicted that accessing internet through mobile phone will cross the rate of accessing internet through desktops in 2014. Web experts say that in near future, mobile search will be more than the desktop search.

67% users say that they prefer purchasing from a mobile friendly website than a desktop site. Web based businesses are becoming more concerned about responsive web designing to get the right response from the mobile audience as well.

The question is which way to go responsive web designing or a separate mobile version of the website. Both options have good and bad points. The best option depends greatly on many aspects like main website purpose, the targeted audience, and the level of search engine optimization involved.

If there is SEO needed for the website promotion, then responsive web design is the best approach to go for. Why it’s like that? Here are given three reasons.

Google Likes That

Google, being the giant search market player, has 67% market share and has strong influence over the search masters. Google says that responsive web designing is the main aspect considered while ranking different websites. It’s the industry best practice.

Why does Google love RWD? The reasons include one URL, same HTML, easy crawling, indexing by Google and well-organized content. Mobile version of a website has different URL, HTML, and making it difficult for Google to crawl and index different pages.

Another strong reason of Google preferring responsive web design is users find it easy to share the content of a website that has single URL. It becomes difficult to link the content of a separate website.

– Single Website Runs On Different Devices

A responsive website runs on all devices the same way. It’s not possible to detect all the devices and the screen sizes that users are using to access certain website, so a responsive website doesn’t need these variables to consider. It provides the users with consistent experience form whatever device they are using.

– It’s Easy To Manage

If a business has two different websites, it would become hard to manage both sites separately. There would be needed separate search engine optimization campaigns. The key advantage for a responsive web design is the website owner has to manage a single website.

However, there is needed a mobile specific strategy to focus the keywords that are specific to Smartphone-based searches only.

Responsive web design is the future of web designing as it’s not only the recommendation of Google, but also need of the users, as they prefer accessing internet through their Smartphones. A mobile friendly website helps getting good ranks at Google and appeal to the greater numbers of the targeted audiences.

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