Why your web-hosting solution is important to ensure search engine optimization success

Choosing the right web hosting service can have a dramatic effect on the success of your search engine optimization. The reason is simple. Many of the elements search engine spiders and bots rely on are bits of code like meta tags and title tags. Another factor search engines look at now is page speed which is dependent on basic things like bandwidth and the number of connections your web host has to the internet.

Some web hosts offer an ’optimize website’ service. The service works by compressing files before they are sent to someone viewing your website, but in general it doesn’t have a huge impact on the success of your SEO efforts to get your site highly ranked.

In reality, the SEO factors you need to improve your website’s ranking include content that is unique and targeted to your keywords, optimizing your website design so that your website loads quickly and drives traffic to your site, and building a lot of quality inbound and outbound links.

One way many people create large networks of inbound and outbound links is to create multiple websites, but this produces a problem because if search engines detect multiple sites on the same IP address, it signals a review that can get your site penalized.

This is the main reason something called SEO web hosting came into existence. SEO web hosting is targeted to people who have multiple sites and need a way to host their sites on separate IP addresses.

If you have multiple websites, your web host may be able to provide what is known as a C-class IP address. Again, it is generally difficult to rank well when all of your sites reside on the same IP address. When a web host places your sites on different class C IP addresses, it increases the possibility of ranking multiple sites for a single keyword, which of course improves your SEO results.

If your domains all use the same name server, that can also negatively affect your SEO because interlinking websites with the same name server triggers alarms with search engines. Web host services that provide C-class IP addresses generally have different name servers for each address which will increase site visibility and eliminate warnings to search engines.

Another element search engines pay attention to is the rDNS. Let’s face it; most website owners probably don’t even know what rDNS is. It is the ability to look up and link the domain name of a website to an IP address using the Domain Name Server (DNS) on the internet. In other words, even if your websites have separate C-class IPs with different name servers but have the same rDNS, it most likely will trigger search engine filters, and your sites could get penalized. By setting a separate rDNS on each IP address, the right web host can protect the SEO value of your websites.

SEO web hosting also solves another problem for those who have multiple websites. If you have to use multiple web hosts to get your site on different IP addresses, managing and optimizing those sites can become a real issue. That is why it is important to find a web host that has the capability to provide SEO or C-class IP web hosting. When you have all of your sites with the same SEO web host, managing your multiple sites using their control panel is easy.

SEO web hosting generally comes at a higher cost than regular web hosting, but if you have multiple sites the extra cost can be recouped by keeping your sites safe from search engine penalties and allowing your sites to rank highly in organic search results bringing you more traffic and conversions.

So, does web hosting affect search engine results? If you only own one site, the web host is less important in terms of your search engine results ranking. But if you own multiple sites the type of web hosting you have can definitely affect the success of your SEO search rankings, so it is important for companies or individuals that own multiple sites to consider the overall costs and benefits of using an SEO web hosting site.

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