Zend Framework as a Robust Component Rich Library for PHP Developer

Since last few years, PHP was the most dominant easy-to-use but powerful scripting language for creating dynamic websites. It was used mostly on UNIX and LINUX based servers and earned much popularity for speed, convenience and open-source license. But the scenario changed when frameworks and toolkits specifically designed for development of websites were released in the market. These object-oriented frameworks rely on ‘Model View Controller’ (MVC) paradigm for creating websites that virtually requires no effort. PHP contains plethora of such frameworks, amongst which Zend is a premier one with clean and stable code that conforms to intellectual property right.

Advantages of Zend framework:
Zend has earned much popularity among the users, as it reduced the arduous complexity of software programming. It uses many of the object oriented concepts, like inheritance and interface, which enable most of the Zend framework components to be extended. Along with instituting the MVC pattern, it also allows customisation of specific functionality, such as accessing database or output to a PDF file etc. Zend provides a faster and easier platform for a range of common application development tasks, which include generation of dynamic menu, creation and validation form inputs, work with web services and many more.

Reasons for PHP being adopted in Zend framework:
There is no doubt that Zend framework has advanced the art of PHP development through introducing more structured approach for PHPprogramming. This standardisation procedure has lead to the creation of more secure and cleaner application, which justifies why the developers are more inclined towards this improved framework for PHP development. However, in many ways Zend differs from the traditional programming language and might baffle the novice developers with huge number of available applications, and loosely coupled architecture. To master the PHP development skill, one has to delve the depth of Zend framework and unlock its key features. Following are the major benefits offered by Zend framework:

  • Code generation tools : The features of Zend framework allow the developers to quickly create new project objects during the progress of PHP web development. It is possible for the developers to start and run new Zend projects with minimal effort.
  • Support from developer community : Being a popular and widely used framework, Zend has been mastered by many PHP developers. There is an extensive community of skilled and enthusiastic Zend developers, who are able to provide instant solution for complex problems. It is also possible to access additional support from online manual and reference guide.
  • Provision for AJAX support : Zend framework also renders AJAX support that aids in changing over XML information into JSON set-up that is supported by AJAX-dependent front-end applications.
  • Loosely clasped architecture : The unique architecture of Zend framework is suitable for producing light-weight applications, as programmers can select only the specific components they require. This loose framework also helps to build robust web applications of medium to large complexities.

Zend framework thus provides powerful platform for crafting an exclusive idea into real-time application through PHP development. This is flexible enough to integrate other applications and sufficiently capable of fulfilling wide range of business needs, such as online auction, payment gateway integration, e-commerce solutions, booking system to e-store, shipping system development and many more. Now-a-day this open source based framework has become the ultimate choice for many PHP developers all over the world.

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Emily Steves is an experienced PHP developer, who heavily trusts on Zend framework for developing dynamic websites. Apart from web designing, Stuart is a regular blogger since her college days.

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